Release date: 2012
Wizmar Records (W9028)


Christina Fuchs – bass clarinet, soprano saxophone
Ulla Oster – double bass
Christoph Hillmann - drums, percussion
Florian Stadler - accordion


1. Scuol-Tarasp (C.Fuchs)
2. Haiku (C.Fuchs)
3. Versatil (U. Oster)
4. Dragee (U. Oster)
5. Buddha (C.Fuchs)
6. Circles (C.Fuchs)
7. Quartango (C.Fuchs)
8. YallaYalla (C.Fuchs)
9. Tangomat (C.Fuchs)
10. Sotango (C.Fuchs)


"Cologne-based saxophonist Christina Fuchs and her quartet No Tango celebrate clever, effervescent music on their second album. Among the bandleader's many compositional techniques is creating intricate rhythmic patterns...." Jazzthetik 6/12

"Whether intentional or not, accordion— tango music's instrumental voice — is the dominant character in No Tango's third album. It takes only a few notes to trip switches in the listener's  head that open the mind to the melancholy sound streams that characterize tango. But the 'No' clearly indicates that there is just no tango here ... " Jazzpodium 6/12

„...Oster also lent solid support to Christina Fuchs' quartet NoTango, the leader's various reeds (curved soprano, tenor, bassclarinet) complemented by FlorianStadler (accordion) and Hillmann (drums), who busily shifted tempos and suitable rolls as if manufacturing waves over which his bandmates could happily surf..."
Laurence Donohue-Greene, The New York City Jazz Record 3/12