release date 4/2016
JHM 240 
at JazzHausMusik Köln


Christina Fuchs, sax,cl
Romy Herzberg, b
Florian Stadler, acc
Georg Ruby, p

This recording represents two concerts of the duo KontraSax celebrating their 25th anniversary on stage together with the guests Georg Ruby and Florian Stadler. The intensity of this music belongs in its extraordinary richness of color to the most remarkable, what the world of improvised music has to offer us at the moment.

1 Reichensperger Hall (Fuchs) 3:18
2 Sayo (Fuchs) 9.25
3 Danse Mechanique I (Fuchs/Herzberg/Ruby/Stadler) 4:25
4 Glasgespinst (Fuchs/Herzberg) 4:59
5 Suite-Kontrabass oder die Kunst des Reisens (Fuchs/Herzberg) 12:46
6 Elfzehn (Fuchs) 8:19
7 Danse Mechanique II (Fuchs/Herzberg/Ruby/Stadler) 4:18
8 HM2 (Fuchs) 2:47
9 Encore (Fuchs/Herzberg/Ruby/Stadler) 2:17