I will be spending February 2024 with a working scholarship for composition at the Fundaziun NAIRS art centre in Switzerland! Looking forward...


Fotocredit: Volker Beushausen


Christina Fuchs - soprano sax, clarinet, bass clarinet
Florian Stadler - accordion

Two protagonists of jazz-based improvisation music use acoustic instruments to develop a discourse on the possibilities of contemporary interplay. Delicate counterpoint and prancing polyrhythms sound effortlessly alongside raw towers of sound, vehement chord clusters and simple cantability.

When Christina Fuchs and Florian Stadler founded the duo FLUX in 2018, the Bonn-based accordionist and the Cologne-based saxophonist, clarinettist and composer were still experimenting with the various forms and possibilities of composed and electro-acoustic music. Over time, the two like-minded musicians found a new orientation towards purely analogue improvised music.
On their new album Roots & Rhyzomes (JazzHausMusik 312) and in upcoming concerts, they will present this concept in 2024.

Here's a preview of the recording in the DLF broadcast jazzfacts by Thomas Loewner.


Our new album will be released in April 2024! We recorded in the chamber music hall of the Deutschlandfunk Cologne. 

next concerts: March 16, 2024 Aachen, April 21, 2024 Hannover, April 28, 2024 Cologne


Fotocredit: Jürgen Bindrim


STRUCTURES & BEAUTY  / ENJA Records Double Album Release date: April 28, 2023

Our debut CD is out since April 28 and we played rrelease concerts at Jazzfest Magdeburg, Tollhaus Karlsruhe, Jazzfest Bonn Dinslaken, Munich/Unterfahrt, Dornbirn/Spielboden (A), Düsseldorf and Cologne at Stadtgarten which were a total blast! Thank for oming out and sharing the experience!

A few press quotes:

 „Big, so beautiful. Structures & Beauty is the assertion that beauty exists…“  JazzThing 6/23

 „…Zappa would have had a blast with it, though Carla Bley's "Escalator over the Hill" epic could also have been the inspiration. Philosophical thinking meets musical vision here...radically fresh and exciting!”  Jazzpodium 6/7 23

 "The debut double album of the Fuchsthone Orchestra is a large-orchestral masterpiece…“ Jazzthetik 5/6 23

 “Spectacular concert by the Fuchsthone Orchestra from Cologne rocked the Pantheon...certainly one of the best of the 13th Bonn Jazz Festival..." Generalanzeiger Bonn

Check out our exciting "Making of" on our Youttube channel!



Happy to be honourably mentioned with the new release of  KontraSax- Die Kunst des Reisens in The New York City Jazz Records Best of List 2022!



next concerts: May 3, 2024 Cologne/Christuskirche


Inspired by the idea of multidimensionality, the STRING THEORY project hypothesizes that new musical dimensions are opened up by the encounter of extremely diverse and unconventional "global string players" with the strong personalities of the artists of SONIQ. The string theories want to explain what the primordial ground of being is. They postulate the theory that the world is more than three-dimensional. 10 or more dimensions are imagined in the models...

Carolin Pook, Violin

Bassem Hawar, Djoze 

Jarry Singla, Piano

Ramesh Shotham, Percussion

Christina Fuchs, Clarinets, Saxophones

next concerts: 28.10.23 Wuppertal, 12.10.23 Köln



next concert: May 31st, 2023 Cologne, Stadtgarten



Festival "Romanischer Sommer" Cologne

It is probably the most beautiful festival in Cologne, presenting different genres in all of the 12 romanic churches in the city.

FUCHSTHONE was part of it with a commision for a 10 piece chamber orchestra!

The video of the WDR recording is now online!


The new project of the musicians' collective SONIQ. More at soniq-music.com

Archipelago Video

In July and August 2022 I will stay at Fundaziun NAIRS in Switzerland as Artist in Residence. Looking for nature and inspiration here to write new music... the odds are very good! see you in August...




Folk songs are authentic testimonials of language, culture and tradition. They are so called because they are sung by countless human beings across the world. The simplicity and honesty of this music and the way in which tales are told, is moving. Rehearsals and concerts are planned in Germany during December 2021. In the spring of 2022, more concerts will follow as part of a tour through Norway. Our guests from Norway will be: Karl Seglem (Sax, Goat Horn) / Berit Opheim (Voice) / Erlend Viken (Fiddle, Hardanger fiddle)


Thanks to i-Portunus I will be travelling for research to Iceland in July 2021. Very much looking forward!



New VideoTrailer and a complete composition of mine: MAMOIADA

more information:  www.fuchsthone.com

Christina Fuchs, Caroline Thon (Lead, Composition, Conducting)
Roger Hanschel, Theresia Philipp, Matthew Halpin, Jens Böckamp (Saxophones) Susanne Weidinger (sax, clarinet, flute), Christian Mehler, Matthias Knoop, Heidi Bayer, Matthias Bergmann (Trumpets), Philipp Schittek, Matthias Schuller, Matthias Muche (Trombones), Wolf Schenk (basstrombone, tuba), Zuzana Leharova (violin), Filippa Gojo (voice), Laia Genc (piano), Andreas Wahl (guitar), Alex Morsey (bass), Jens Düppe (drums), Eva Pöpplein (electronics, live samples)

upcoming Concerts:

Oct 16, 2021 Darmstadt, Dec 11, 2021 Cologne


This is pretty classy imaginative big band playing, compositions by reedist/arranger Christina Fuchs, appearing on the Big Band Records label. If you are into Maria Schneider then you will land happily enough here.              Marlbank, Ireland 17.7.2019

buy here: Big Band Records

or digital on bandcamp

Wood 4 Winds.jpg

Multiphonics Seven play Wood4Winds

Wood4Winds will be the second home production of the Multiphonics-Festival.

Christina Fuchs, WDR JAZZ AWARD winner for composition wrote a program for four clarinetists 

who will be prensented at the festival, firts of all "Artist-in-Residence" Anat Cohen from New York, Gabriele Mirabassi, Kazutoki Umezu and Annette Maye.

The rhythmussection will be from Cologne: Hans Lüdemann, Piano, Reza Askari, Kontrabass und Christoph Hillmann, Drums.

4.10.2018 Köln, Stadtgarten 5.10.2018 Dortmund, Domicil




We received a wonderful variety of compositions from composers in Germany, Israel, Korea, Canada and USA!  Thank you to all the women who entered this years's contest!

This year's winner award goes to Christina Fuchs for Roots and Rhyzomes

The compositions will be premiered and recorded live by the Seattle Women’s Jazz Orchestra featuring special guest  Sherrie Maricleof DIVA at the Shorewood Performing Arts Center on October 25, 2017 as part of the Earshot Jazz Festival. Composers will be in attendance.

Europe Tour 2014


The Tour was great! Thanks to everybody who contributed.

from l to r:

Ulla Oster, Florian Stadler, Scott Tinkler, Andrea Keller, Christoph Hillmann, Christina Fuchs, Joe Talia, Ian Whitehurst

Artpipes e.V. is excited to announce the second installment of it’s Australian-German cultural collaboration. Cologne Meets Melbourne brings two leading female jazz composers from opposite ends of the world together on stage for a series of concerts in Europe, May 2014. Cologne contemporary jazz unit, the Christina Fuchs Quartet ‘No Tango’ met up with Melbourne’s Andrea Keller Quartet in Australia, 2012. Artpipes’ first exchange project brought the two quartets together in an international octet experience premiering at Australia’s Wangaratta Jazz Festival, with new music written by Fuchs, Keller and ‘No Tango’ bassist Oster.

15.5.14 Dresden

16.5.14 Berlin

17.5.14 Dortmund (WDR Jazz Meeting)

18:5.14 Luxembourg

22.5.14 Wuppertal

23.5.14 Munich

15.5.14 Cologne

 more info: www.artpipes.net special thanks to Maryanne Piper for the idea and organisation

1st price for Christina Fuchs at the international competition for jazz orchestra 'Scrivere in Jazz' in the category 'original composition' ! The final concerts took place on September 8th and 9th in Sassari, Palazzo di Città/Teatro Civico. The music was played by the 'Orchestra Jazz della Sardegna', Conductor: Paolo Silvestri.



No Tango Quartet live @ the Festival Jazz au Chellah Rabat/Maroc

Sept 20, 2015  8:30 pm

After the quartet concert, No Tango will meet the marocan singer Sana'a Marahati with 

her band on the same stage at 9:30 pm

Sept 21, 2015  No Tango Quartet @ Tanger /Maroc

Salle Severo Ochoa, 8:30 pm- thanks to Goethe Institute Maroc