United Women's Orchestra:
Virgo Supercluster

Release date: 2002
Jazz Haus Musik (CD JHM 123)

Distribution: www.jazzhausmusik.de

United Women's Orchestra

Lead: Christina Fuchs and Hazel Leach

1. Shadow & Light (Fuchs)
2. Sweet for Evie (Leach)
3. Cerasarda (Leach)

The Virgo Supercluster Suite (Fuchs):
4. Big Bang
5. The First Glimmer of Dawn / Crescent Moon
6. Orion Nebula
7. Silent Room / Man on Mars
8. Lost One (Fuchs)

Double Trouble (Hazel Leach):
9. Hubble Bubble
10. Toil and Trouble
11. Hurly Burly
12. A la Mode (Leach)


„The beauty of this project, in part, comes from the fact the music is composed by members oft he group. It’s written especially fort he individuals playing it, and that spirit of collaboration is ever present in the music. Hazel Leach and Christina Fuchs have contributed exciting and creative new music full of intricacy and beauty and it is presented by stellar players. This very special group deserves wide recognition“
Maria Schneider about the United Women’s Orchestra