Jarry Singla Cologne, North India, Piano, Composition, indian Harmonium
Christina Fuchs Cologne, Saxophones, Clarinets, Composition
Ramesh Shotham Cologne, South India, Percussion
Sanjeev Chimmalgi  Mumbai, India, Vocals
Maciej Garbowski Poland, Double Bass, Violoncello, Composition

Christina Fuchs – saxophones, clarinets, composition 

Florian Stadler – accordion 

Ulla Oster – double bass, composition

Christoph Hillmann – drums, percussion


Christina Fuchs and Florian Stadler are both musicians and composers and have collaborated for many years in various contexts. Now they decided to culminate their deep musical understanding by founding the duo flux music.

No Tango & Strings is a doublequartet - a collaboration of the Christina Fuchs Quartet No Tango with the Sunship String Quartet.

Christina Fuchs: soprano saxophone, bass clarinet

Romy Herzberg: double bass

Saxophones: Roger Hanschel, Caroline Thon, Niels Klein, Stephan Mattner, Susanne Heitmann
Trumpets: Christoph Moschberger, Steffi Deckers, Emanuel Dähn, Pablo Giw
Trombones: Andreas Schickentanz, Bernd Lechtenfeld, Peter Caspar, Karsten Süssmilch
Guitar: Felix Heydemann Piano: Laia Genc Drums: Nils Tegen Bass: Ulla Oster Accordion Florian Stadler

Christina Fuchs - clarinets, conduct, composition

Saad Thamir - iraqi percussion/vocals
Nora Krahl - violincello
Bassem Hawar - djoze

Christoph Hillmann - percussion/elektronics

Laia Genc - piano

Scott Fields - guitar

LAGASH invites us on an exploration that takes traditional Iraqi music into a contemporary artistic arena where there is room for new interpretation, and where encounters between oriental sounds and structures and western elements are a natural progression.