The brandnew FUCHSTHONE ORCHESTRA unites 22 very fine musicians and offers a new, orchestral sound that will outreach the usual genre. Caroline Thon and Christina Fuchs are both experienced composers in this field for decades. The premier of this thrilling band will take place on Nov 15, 2019 at Stadtgarten, Cologne.

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Christina Fuchs, Caroline Thon (lead, composition, conducting)
Roger Hanschel, Theresia Philipp, Matthew Halpin, Jens Böckamp (Saxophones) Susanne Weidinger (sax, clarinet, flute), Christian Mehler, Matthias Knoop, Heidi Bayer, Matthias Bergmann (Trumpets), Philipp Schittek, Matthias Schuller, Matthias Muche (Trombones), Wolf Schenk (basstrombone, tuba), Zuzana Leharova (violin), Filippa Gojo (voice), Laia Genc (piano), Andreas Wahl (guitar), Alex Morsey (bass), Thomas Sauerborn (drums), Eva Pöpplein (electronics, live samples)

Soniq-159.jpgJarry Singla Cologne, North India, Piano, Composition, indian Harmonium

Christina Fuchs Cologne, Saxophones, Clarinets, Composition
Ramesh Shotham Cologne, South India, Percussion

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Fotocredit: Heike Fischer

Accordionist Florian Stadler and saxophonist, clarinettist and composer Christina Fuchs have been a musical couple like no other for many years. They move with ease and great intensity through the unique world of their compositions and seem to know no technical boundaries. Anything Fuchs and Stadler embark on is a musical dialog: they can play fast and loud. They can groove, but far more important to them is the sound, blending sonic structures, filigree soundscapes or free, sometimes wild, always intensely interrelated improvisation, with breathtaking turns from complete fusion to total individuality. Their exciting playing is effortless, intimate, fun and humorous.

Christina Fuchs – saxophones, clarinets, composition 

Florian Stadler – accordion 

Ulla Oster – double bass, composition

Christoph Hillmann – drums, percussion

No Tango & Strings is a doublequartet - a collaboration of the Christina Fuchs Quartet No Tango with the Sunship String Quartet.

Christina Fuchs: soprano saxophone, bass clarinet

Romy Herzberg: double bass