release date 2018
JHM 260
at JazzHausMusik Köln


Florian Stadler - Akkordeon, Komposition
Christina Fuchs- Sopransax, Klarinette, Bassklarinette, Komposition

cabrillo (stadler)
snowyowl (fuchs)
yallabird (fuchs)
nuthatch (stadler)
macun (fuchs)
puffin (stadler)
Holzwege (fuchs)
magpie (fuchs)
calliope (fuchs)
bullfinch (fuchs)
robin (stadler)
coney island tunnel (fuchs)
jayjay (stadler)
raindrops (fuchs)
redpoll (stadler)
merlin (fuchs)

Accordionist and composer Florian Stadler and saxophonist, clarinettist and composer Christina Fuchs have been a musical couple like no other for many years. They easily move through the unique world of their compositions with great intensity and seem to know no technical limits. Whatever Fuchs and Stadler start is always a musical dialogue: They can go fast and loud. And they can groove, but much more important to them is the resonance, merging sound structures, delicate sound fabric or in a free, sometimes wild, yet always intensely interrelated improvisation, with breathtaking twists and turns ranging from total fusion to total individuality. There is an effortless, intimate, fun and humorous quality to their exciting playing.

"...Calliope is the essence of Flux. Those who handle such terms also understand the musical affinities of two musicians, who, with key noises, shadings and the like, are musical in the best sense, sometimes folkloric, sometimes solemn, sometimes comparable to a small Italian banda." Jazzpodium