"Cologne-based saxophonist Christina Fuchs and her quartet No Tango celebrate clever, effervescent music on their second album. Among the bandleader's many compositional techniques is creating intricate rhythmic patterns...."
Jazzthetik 6/12

... virtuoso dialogue, rousing enthusiasm, they have been playing together for 20 years as a working band and part of their personal self-concept, perhaps in the form of a life-long-lasting musical relationship. It is plain to see: this artistic affinity, sometimes turbulent career in musical understanding and communication.
The present recording of the historical entrance hall of the Oberlandesgericht/Cologne — a grand building — documented an unusual anniversary concert: the compositions were written for musical parameters of the extreme acoustics ( the room's 12- second reverberation). It worked. The unusual situation supports the sound, as the duo's third partner. It allows time for reflection and amplifies the meditative character of KontraSax.
Live-DVD-Production/Anniversary Concert: 20 Years of KontraSax 
(Georg Ruby)

„The beauty of this project, in part, comes from the fact the music is composed by members oft he group. It's written especially fort he individuals playing it, and that spirit of collaboration is ever present in the music.
Hazel Leach and Christina Fuchs have contributed exciting and creative new music full of intricacy and beauty and it is presented by stellar players. This very special group deserves wide recognition"
Maria Schneider NYC (about the United Women's Orchestra)