Florian Stadler - acc, comp.

Christina Fuchs - cl, bcl, sopranosax, comp.

release date 4/2024
JazzHausMusik Köln | JHM 312
in cooperation with Deutschlandfunk Köln
recorded at Kammermusiksaal Deutschlandfunk Köln



Track listing

1. Iris
2. Bamboo
3. Wild Asparagus
4. Horsetail
5. Rhubarb
6. Mountain Wood Fern
7. Stinging Nettle
8. Lily of the Valley
9. Wasabi
10. Buttercup Anemone
11. Fragrant Hellebore
12. Ivy
13. Ginger
14. Lotus

all compositions by Fuchs & Stadler

March 2023: a three-day recording session at DLF’s Chamber Music Hall in Cologne. Nothing but a cavernous room, two people, their instruments, their musical roots, and the idea of creating something new, something unexpected. Improvised musical dialogues emerge, taking on the most diverse forms. Sometimes spreading delicately into a fragile sound fabric. Sometimes fusing both musical bodies into one entity. Sometimes allowing the instruments themselves to expose their own characteristics. Unity and diversity interweave and condense into new, exciting sound worlds. Tender, grooving, wild, sad, epic, humorous, breath taking, rhizomorphic.