Release date: 2008
NRW Records (CD NRW 7002)


Christina Fuchs – bass clarinet, soprano-, tenor saxophone

Ulla Oster – double bass

Christoph Hillmann - drums, percussion

Florian Stadler - accordion

1. Mr.G (Ulla Oster) 5:56
2. 10-11 (Christina Fuchs) 7:57
3. Nemioke (Christina Fuchs) 9:18
4. Sayo (Christina Fuchs) 8:59
5. 3 & 5 (Christina Fuchs) 4:28
6. Moderate Moods (Ulla Oster) 6:44
7. Whole Tone Shit (Christina Fuchs) 4:37
8. The Biter Bit (Ulla Oster) 6:20


"...everything's a game. A game with sounds, voices, traditions, ideas, and words...This evening the audience remained still and focused for two hours without interruption."
Neue Passauer Zeitung 9/08

" ...No Tango has found a unique sound, outside of all traditions, without ignoring them.
Lübeck-Kunst&Kultur 8/08

"...strong, free grooves...although steadfastly energetic, it is still a music full of lightness...It feels as there is no end to the stories they can tell through the beauty of improvised music." JazzPodium 5/08

"...the combination of woodwinds, percussion, bass and accordion is really fresh, mindful, and creative music."
Melodiva 1/08

"Certainly the title of the album, which also is the band's name, wants to provoke. And certainly there is some Tango, but not the authentic one...these four musicians play a game with expectations.."
Jazzthing 11/07