Christina Fuchs: soprano saxophone, bass clarinet

Romy Herzberg: double bass

The narrative compositions of KontraSax combine freely improvised and prestructured elements. These works also search for the intersection of meditative and percussive techniques. In addition to performing in purely musical concerts, KontraSax appears in other kinds of performances, such as theater pieces, and in such special events as openings. Because of their special interest in uniting music with other art forms, KontraSax frequently collaborates with dancers, actors, visual artists and other musicians and they create works for cinema, theater, radio, television, and literature.

20 Jahre KontraSax

kontrasax-20-jahre-dvd-coverDVD live in Cologne

Christina Fuchs: Sopransax / Bassklarinette
Romy Herzberg: Kontrabass

Video: Basa Vuijn-Stein

Sound engeneer: Reinhard Kobialka


Excerpts of the live concert June 9, 2010


The New York City Jazz Record 06/13

Recommended New Releases: 20 Jahre (Christina Fuchs/Romy Herzberg) KontraSax live

Kölner Stadtanzeiger

“The Cologne duo KontraSax is a female, long-lived ensemble and as such is something special in the jazz scene.
Christina Fuchs (soprano saxophone and bass clarinet) and Romy Herzberg (double bass) like to improvise over material that has been defined ahead of time. They prefer very quiet, slightly coloured sounds, like a breeze, a caress, or tapping…“
Marianne Kierspel

Kölner Stadtanzeiger


…with just one instrument 
each these two musicians create sound art that is full of color and variety…Fuchs and Herzberg have been busy: they composed film scores for documentaries and developed a theater version of Elfriede Jelineks “ Die Klavierspielerin.” For their CD “KontraSax plays Gertrude Stein” they were awarded the “Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik,” that alone reason enough to perform a sample of it for the audience. And with the actress Renate Fuhrmann they recorded a musical-and-spoken-text homage to Gertrude Stein’s life and work, which also is an impressive piece of sound art.“
Beate Schenk