Soniq-159.jpgJarry Singla Cologne, North India, Piano, Composition, indian Harmonium

Christina Fuchs Cologne, Saxophones, Clarinets, Composition
Ramesh Shotham Cologne, South India, Percussion

more information:

Soniq consists of musicians who see the focus of their work in intercultural projects. The musicians involved in SONIQ believe that something new can arise when an artistic work feeds off the largest possible pool of ideas that gets constantly new impulses through international networking. Consequently, they confront the most diverse musical styles with unconditional openness: contemporary music, jazz, indigenous and folkloric traditions, improvised music, classical music, experimental pop music, early music, electronic music.

This group of musicians is in the search of sonic interfaces between musical cultures, to create inspiring listening spaces not only for themselves but also for their listeners. The dialogue between artists from different musical cultures opens up the possibility for the performers as well as the listeners to understand trusted musical forms in a unusual context, as well as unusual musical forms in a familiar context.

Musical goals: SONIQ want to set an example through this project for intercultural dialogue and remind listeners of the great compositions and musical styles that have been created by the mixing of different cultures. The wide range of examples starts with the influences of East European folklore in the music of Igor Strawinsky and Bela Bartok, on to Afrocuban music, Brazlian music or the works of György Ligeti, who was inspired by the music of the Pygmies.