No Tango & Strings is a doublequartet - a collaboration of the Christina Fuchs Quartet No Tango with the Sunship String Quartet.

NoTango Strings598a

Both ensembles are located in Cologne/Germany. All compositions are written by Christina Fuchs with the emphasis on blending classical and improvised music. Their new CD has been released on AO-NRW classical.

Christina Fuchs - ss, cl, bcl, comp
Florian Stadler - accordion
Ulla Oster - double bass
Christoph Hillmann - drums

Sunship String Quartet
Benedikt Hölker - violin1
Axel Lindner - violin 2
Radek Stawarz - viola
Jakob Ernst - cello

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“Indeed here one has to discard old habits that nest in certain listening niches. Fuchs’ hand guides the octet combination through elegant, lively, and yet mysterious impulses and melodies. On accordion, Stadler’s imagination takes flight repeatedly. Bassist Oster is Fuchs’ “tower of strength.” Hillmann once again lives up to his reputation as a melodic drummer. And the first amongst equals, Fuchs, blows through all ten pieces with her intensive Melos, intimate and yet simultaneously exhilaratingly and excitingly inventive.”
Guido Fischer

“Christina Fuchs’ recording with No Tango & Strings is one of the most outstanding and musically right tango-jazz releases of the year 2010.”
Gerhard Litterst / Jazzpodium 9/2011