Works - Compositions - Releases

Music for TV documentary „On the Transsib“ by Albrecht Reinhard, ARD/WDR 2007

Music for the TV documentary: Der Prozeß von Moskau
“ Ölbaron gegen Kreml-Herr” by Albrecht Reinhardt and Jens Hartmann, ARD/WDR 2005

Music for TV documentary „Mythos Ural“ by Albrecht Reinhardt, ARD/WDR 2004

Music for the TV documentary "Massai Massai" by Soli Dreckmann, WDR 2001

Music for the TV documentary “Menschen des Morgens” by Hildegret Klöter, WDR 1999

Setting to music of silent movies from the twenties and live-performance during the Festival Silent Movies - New Music, Cologne 1994

Jingle for the TV magazin "FrauenFragen" WDR 1991

Scenic reading with music: works from different authors of the documentation,
Geschlechterdemokratie und Gewalt" and excerpts from the drama
"Extremeties" by W. Mastrosimone, Burgtheater Vienna 1994

Judith Herzberg “Frühling, ach ja”, (composition, live-performance) music für tuba, saxophone and double bass, Schauspiel Bonn 1992/93

Heiner Müller “Prometheus”, (composition, live-performance) music für cello and saxophon, E.T.A.Hoffmann Theater Bamberg 1990/91

Herta Müller "Man is a large pheasant in the world" (Herta Müller), music and reading. In collaboration with the actress Renate Fuhrmann (Schauspiel Cologne) 2010/2011

Anna Gmeyner ‘Mania’, music and literature, 
read by Iris Berben, Käthe Kollwitz Museum, Cologne 2008/2009

Patricia Highsmith ‘The Cry of the Owl’ (Patricia Highsmith) 
music and reading in collaboration with the actress Renate Fuhrmann (Schauspiel Cologne), 2006/2007

Elfriede Jelinek “Die Klavierspielerin”, a short version of the novel contrasted with lyrics of Else Lasker-Schüler and a video installation by Peter Mertin. In collaboration with the actress Renate Fuhrmann (Schauspiel Cologne) 2001

Gertrude Stein, a musical portrait in cooperation with the actress Renate Fuhrmann, Schauspiel Cologne 1996

Barbara Maria Kloos, lyrics set to music. For live-electronics, trumpet and bass clarinet. Commissioned by Literaturbüro NRW, 1996

Radio-play for WDR (West German Public Radio), "Tales from the Old Testament"1991

“3 dancers approaching” International New Tapdance Theatre Festival. Music for jazzquartet and 2 tapdancers. Tanzhaus NRW, Düsseldorf 1999

‘Soundscapes of home’ for Piano, Cello, E-Guitar, Djoze, irak.Percussion, Elektronics and Clarinet. Modular Composition. Köln 2010

Samuel Beckett ”Hörspiel1” für 2 speakers, 2 woodwinds, 2 double basses, Digderidoo und Tape, Köln 1996

Trialog: Music-Dance-Painting. Simultanous performance. Antoniterkirche Köln 1995

“Modus M” 1993
“Timeghost” 1994
“Survivor´s Suite” 1995
“DoubleXXTrix” 1995
“Lydisch Blau” 1996
“Serenade for Leonie” 1997
“Netsuke” 1998
“Shadow and Light” 1999
“The Virgo Supercluster Suite” 2000
“Lost One” 2002
“Textures of Memory” 2003
“Loopholes” 2004
“You’re my Love and Beauty, 2005
“Lai Nairs” 2005
“Zoe and me” 2005
“Nemioke II” 2005
“Die Farben der Steine” 2008
“Sargosos” 2010
“Poschti” 2010

20 Jahre KontraSax CD
live in Köln
JazzHausMusik 2012

No Tango 2 /Christina Fuchs Quartett
Wizmar Records 2012

20 Jahre Kontrasax DVD 2010
live in Köln

Christina Fuchs /No Tango&Strings
NRW Records 2010

NoTango/Christina Fuchs Quartett
NRW Records 2008

Christina Fuchs & NDR Big Band live
Jazzhausmusik 2006

Jazzhausmusik 2004

United Women’s Orchestra
“Virgo Supercluster”
Jazzhausmusik 2002

United Women’ s Orchestra
“The blue one”
Jazzhausmusik 1999

“KontraSax plays Gertrude Stein”
Jazzhausmusik Köln 1998

United Women´s Orchestra
“The red one”
UWO/NL/Klangräume/Berlin 1996

Jazzhausmusik, Köln 1995

Lines in Space
Garbitowski Music, Köln 1994