The longest railroad of the world is also a legend. The trans-Siberian continues to be a vital lifeline for Russia. Spanning nine time zones, the trans-Siberian is truly transcontinental.

A portrait of the 1963-born oil billionaire Michail Chodorkowski, once head of the largest Russian oil company Yukos, and political irritant to the Kremlin. He was arrested and sentenced in 2004 for aggravated fraud. The documentary is about the fusion of state and business in Russia.

Authors: Albert Reinhardt, Jens Hartmann, ARD 2004

Music: Christina Fuchs, Romy Herzberg

A journey along the massive range of Russian mountains that divides Europe from Asia.

“I’ve been overwhelmed by two impressions on this 2000-km journey: the unrelenting, chilling coldness in the north Ural, where nature explodes in the short summer, and the variety of people who have populated the Ural, some through early invasions and others exiled there by despotic authorities.”
Albrecht Reinhard - ARD correspondent in Moskau

A portrait of an East African people from Kenya. In the many years Soli Dreckmann lived Nairobi she developed a personal relationship with the portrayed Massai. In this documentary she shares her experiences with these people, telling their story and
describing how they have changed over time.

TV documentary by Soli Dreckmann, produced for the WDR in 2001, 45min
Music by Christina Fuchs and Romy Herzberg

Ethiopia is regarded as the ark of exotic people. On this trip we visit the “Mursi”, with their disk-stretched lips, the “Karo”, who are famous for their colourful body paintings, and the “Konso”, with their artistic images of phalli.