Saxophonist Christina Fuchs is a brilliant composer. This is known since her works for the NDR Radio Big Band and the United Women's Orchestra. The soundscapes of her compositions are powerful and subtle at the same time. She has put together a thrilling ensemble of some of the best soloists out of the Cologne jazz scene:

Saxophones: Roger Hanschel, Caroline Thon, Niels Klein, Stephan Mattner, Susanne Heitmann
Trumpets: Christoph Moschberger, Steffi Deckers, Emanuel Dähn, Pablo Giw
Trombones: Andreas Schickentanz, Bernd Lechtenfeld, Peter Caspar, Karsten Süssmilch
Guitar: Felix Heydemann
Piano: Laia Genc
Drums: Nils Tegen
Bass: Ulla Oster
Accordion: Florian Stadler